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Success Story
"Due to Joe’s involvement, we increased per project sales an average of 32% a year and reached our target goal 4 years sooner than anticipated."
T. Franks of CraftBuilt/K. Hovnanian Homes
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You can no longer depend on traffic numbers to generate sales volume.

You need to ask yourself this question: Can I continue to approach my selling strategy as I have in the past?

Most on-site sales professionals today have been in the business for less than 10 years. They have always worked in the hottest new home market in our nation's history. They've never experienced normal market conditions, let alone a soft market!

Many builders are turning to an outside professional sales trainer to improve the effectiveness of their sales team and increase sales.

Joe Colletti believes that success is a state of action, not just a state of mind. His new home sales programs put “action” into your team and will make a difference in your organization. Programs can be designed to fit your specific needs and housing market trends.

Joe specializes in new home sales training, new home sales management training, new home sales marketing, real estate consulting, consulting for builders, private new home sales training services, motivational keynotes and CSP training courses.

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