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Sales & Management Training

"We need to focus on directing people in the right direction, to make the right decision."
- Joe Colletti

Joe Colletti can provide sales training and education to all members of the sales team, managers and builder’s staff, so they work as a cohesive unit. His programs put “Action” into your team and will make a difference in your organization. Programs are designed to fit your specific needs and housing market trends.  Joe pays serious attention to areas of training that require accountability from the salesperson as well as the management team.

Sample Programs

Joe’s programs are available as keynote, half day, full day or series of engagements. Programs are customized to the client and area of business.

Get results: Turn Talent Into Performance
Body Language: Sell More By Understanding How To Spot The Messages And Emotions Your
Customer Is Really Sending
10 Habit Modifications Necessary To Convert Today's Traffic
The Presentation Sequence - A Process for Success
It's The End Of The Information Age - How To Sell In A Soft Market
Knowing More, Selling More
Your First 7 Seconds Could Be Your Last
Overcoming Objections is a Cry for Help
Discover the Closing Power Within
Partnering for Profit - How to increase Sales through Successful Broker Outreach
Your Lifeline is Your Pipeline
Today’s Top Buyer Objections and How to Overcome Them!
Get Motivated – Turn Up the Volume
Discover the Three Components to the Close
How to Sell from an Information or Central Sales location
Can you hear me know?

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sales and management training

Success Story

"As a 30-year veteran in new home sales and marketing, Joe understands the principles upon which sound sales practices are based. More importantly, he can train and coach both the novice salesperson and seasoned sales professional to ensure that they apply the proper techniques to meet the needs of today’s buyers.”
R. Carlson MIRM, CMP, CAASH of Carlson Communications, Inc.

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